Excerpt from the Book – #4

Life Inside the Dead Man’s Curve – The Chronicles of a Public-Safety Helicopter Pilot by Kevin McDonald

Excerpt from the Book – #4:

. . . Sharon strained to climb up the tree, but the rope around her waist was holding her down. She frantically tried to free herself from it, but she couldn’t. Wallace kept shouting at her to keep her head out of the water.

“I’m trying!” she shouted back.

The water continued to rise around her and she had no way to move higher into the tree. Sharon closed her eyes as the rising water began to pound her face. Sharon knew she was about to drown. She remembered reading somewhere that drowning was a peaceful experience.

Then she thought to herself, How do they know that?

Instead of surrendering, she began to get angry, refusing to accept her seemingly inevitable fate. She thought about her husband.

He’s going to be pissed. I can’t leave him.

Then she thought about her children. She tried—desperately tried—one last time, to move up the trunk of the tree.

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